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Connect & engage by creating tailor-made experiences using our easy-to-use Personalization API.
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Make each experience count

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Logo API
Colors API
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Company API

What do we return?

Our API opens up new opportunities to create unique experiences.


Company logo, symbol and favicon.


Main & complimentary colors.


Main font and secondary font.


Company images & screenshot.


Website categorization.


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Make each experience count

Whether it’s your workflow or a new feature, a personalized experience will create familiarity & increase engagement.

Save time & effort

Don’t ask to fill a logo, select colors or choose a picture, our API will pre-fetch those elements in real-time, so you can have your users' undivided attention.

Increase conversion

1-to-1 personalization will make your users feel like home, speed your onboarding and ultimately increase your conversion rate.

Turn design into demand

by taking the burden of personalization away from your users.

Personalize your dashboard

And make your user feel welcome.

Enrich company profiles

CRM, user profiles etc...

Power your designs

With 1-to-1 customization.

Make each experience count

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